Saturday, March 28, 2015

Got a baby on the way? Cleaning tips for mom-to-be

A lot of women say they experience a serious case of "nesting" when they are pregnant - 

 – and want to clean everything in sight. But it is important for pregnant women to know what’s safe to clean – and what should be left for someone else to handle. There are a lot of “no no’s” when it comes to cleaning while you are pregnant and special care should be taken to avoid heavy lifting, climbing on ladders or reaching. Exposure to potentially toxic chemicals should also be avoided. Here are a few pregnancy cleaning tips from MOP-n-BUCKET Cleaning Service, a professional Vancouver - Surrey cleaning service that specializes in commercial and residential cleaning.

Avoid Toxic Chemicals while Cleaning Your Home

Avoiding toxic chemicals is extremely important when pregnant, as inhaling potentially harmful chemicals can cause damage or defects to a developing fetus. According to many Vancouver corporate cleaning professionals, any cleaning product with the label “poisonous”, “toxic” or “corrosive” is a bad idea to use without the proper precautions. Some precautions to take include:  using chemical cleaning products in a well-ventilated areas or with windows open. It;s a good idea to wear a protective mask while cleaning. Cheap painter’s masks can be purchased at any hardware or home depot store and can help filter harmful chemicals from reaching the lungs.

Gloves should also be worn while cleaning with chemicals, as toxins could seep through the skin. Being pregnant is a good time to start investing in safe cleaning solutions – or learn to make your own using non-toxic ingredients. You would be surprised to know how effective simple ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar and lemon can be for cleaning. Even the top commercial cleaning services in Vancouver’s businesses' have some of these natural ingredients in their cleaning arsenal. Finally, avoid cleaning cat litter boxes or use a mask while doing it. Cat feces can transmit a dangerous disease, known as toxoplasmosis.

Avoid Heavy Lifting, Pulling or Pushing

Pregnancy isn’t the time to start on “feats of strength” says Gema, a team leader at MOP-n-BUCKET. She recommends that pregnant women approach any lifting, bending or squatting with caution. "Pregnancy changes your center of balance and also loosens joints and ligaments, so injury could easily occur when attempting any of these movements."

 It is also not a good idea to lift much more than 20-30 pounds, as this could put strain on your back and cause a pulled muscle. Also, an expecting mother must never attempt to climb a ladder – even if nesting instincts make you want to clean those cabinet tops. Falling while pregnant could have devastating effects.

Remember this: cleaning can always wait – but the health and safety of your unborn baby should never be put at risk.

Calling a Professional Cleaning Service

If you’re pregnant, this is the perfect time to relax a little bit and hire professional help. Pregnancy is one of the few times where you are allowed to sit back and take it easy – and one of the best ways to relax is to take the chore of cleaning off your plate.

MOP-n-BUCKET Cleaning Service is the residential and commercial cleaning company Vancouverites trust to get the job done right – and hiring this service is the perfect gift for any mom-to-be. To learn more about the full-service Vancouver - Surrey cleaning services provided by MOP-n-BUCKET Cleaning Service,  visit their website today. 

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