Friday, July 24, 2009

Removing paint off carpet: Water Based Paint

Step 1: Water-based paint:
Water-based paints clean up and thin out using plain water, thus there are no significant environmental or health hazards present, as long as paint-laden cloths or paper towels are properly disposed of.

Step 2: Removing wet paint:
Removing a still-wet spot of water-based paint from typical nylon carpeting by simply blotting the wet stain with a paper towel or rag moistened with tap water. Do not rub. Use the moist towel or cloth as a blotter and pinch-tool, to pull the paint out of the carpet fibers. Be sure to rinse or change the cloth frequently. Do not over-saturate the carpet, to keep the stain from thinning out and spreading more. If the paint does not readily come out with clear water, try a small amount of dish detergent in warm water solution.

When the wet paint is removed, rinse the area a few more times with clear water, then use a hair dryer to dry and restore the carpet fibers.

Step 3: Removing dry water-based paint:
Removing a dried spot of water-based paint is obviously quite a bit more difficult. Clear water alone will not soften dried water-based paint.

A solution of hot water and a small amount of dish detergent will likely help to soften dried water-based paint, although it is not a sure thing. Try it by dripping a small amount onto the stain. Let the solution sit for a few minutes to see if it begins to soften the paint.

You will know quickly if this method will work. Scraping the spot with a pin or utility knife will indicate whether or not the paint has softened enough to continue picking and scraping it completely away.

If it appears that the paint is softening, continue cleaning by dripping more hot water/soap solution as needed to continue softening under-layers of the paint as you pick away with your needle or pin.

Somewhat of a slow process, but does not cause undue damage to carpet fibers.

Step 4: If, Then...
IF hot water/soap does not seem to be softening the paint, you might THEN have to use a hand-held steamer. Some of these units produce 285 degree steam, which should be hot enough to soften the paint. Once the paint begins to soften, you can pick it out of the carpet fibers with a pin or utility knife, using care not to cut the fibers.

After you're satisfied the stain is adequately removed, and the carpet fibers have been rinsed thoroughly of soap, use a hair dryer to dry and restore the fibers.
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